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SEO optimization

Search engine optimization — a set of measures for internal and external optimization to raise the site’s position in the search engine results for certain user queries, in order to increase network traffic and potential customers.

AIW offers clear stages of high-quality SEO optimization of your site.

Technical site audit, niche and competitor analysis

After getting access to Google Analytics and Google Serch Console, we will start analyzing the products/services of your site and evaluate the site according to all the characteristics. This will give you an understanding of what should be done first, that is, a site development strategy and a detailed work plan are being developed.

Development of the site structure.

Google regularly improves its algorithms and presents the most relevant pages in the search results (the most relevant to the user's query). For example, if users are looking for a "golden smartphone with white keys" ― the site should have such a page. Without creating a broad semantic core, you will not see your site in the top. A separate page should be created for each group of keywords.

The terms of reference for internal optimization are also developed on the basis of an Seo audit.

Internal linking makes it easier for the user and the search engine to navigate the site. Often there is a problem with the filter pages, the search robot can not get to them.

The SEO specialist manually enters meta tags and headings. And texts play an important role in optimizing the site. It writes optimized texts with collected keywords.

We reduce the bounce rate. Increasing the percentage of user returns. We increase the time spent by users on the pages.

Here it is important to understand that the more trust resources link to your site, the more trust you have from search engines.

We simplify the order forms for goods/services, add additional communication methods, work with reviews, set up an e-mail newsletter, and much more.

We optimize not only the Main page, the catalog and the product card, but also such pages as “About”, “Delivery and payment”, “Guarantees”, “Contacts”, etc.

AIW has specific and clear actions to take to achieve this goal.