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Promotion on Google

Leadership positions in search results are one of the main factors for the successful development and prosperity of an online business. Every year there are new trends in the optimization of web resources, their configuration for interaction with systems. If you want to capture global dominance in the virtual market, the best and most effective tool is to promote your site on Google.

We promote websites in English, Turkish, Russian and Farsi. A popular search engine and the main traffic channel allows you to reach 95% of the target audience in the global network. But the promotion process is time-consuming and multi-stage. The visibility of a web resource depends on various factors. And to apply such a tactic as website promotion in Google, you need not only to know the main stages of promotion, ways to achieve leadership positions, but also to be patient.
Promotion on Google

The main ways to promote a site in the Google system:

  • search engine marketing (SEO). A multi-stage process that includes a set of works on correcting technical errors, filling pages with content, and external optimization;
  • promotion in social networks (SMM, SMO). A large number of users are concentrated on these sites. By posting useful content, using advertising tools, and keeping in touch with customers, you increase the credibility of your site and attract new customers;
  • direct or direct marketing (sending SMS or Email). This marketing technique allows you to keep in touch with customers, inform them about discounts and unique offers, new product arrivals;
  • video marketing. This method increases the reach of the target audience. It consists of initial optimization and subsequent promotion of videos. The service includes working with technical parameters and the visual part;
  • contextual advertising. Almost every user request to the search engine is accompanied by the issuance of advertisements with the answer to the question asked. This marketing tool starts working at the moment of launch and allows you to get exactly to the target audience.

With the development of technology, new trends in the field of SEO appear. The main rule is to use “white” promotion methods to exclude the possibility of falling under the filters. Website promotion in Google is based on search engine ranking factors, which are regularly updated and updated with new requirements. And to bring a web resource to the TOP, you need to take them all into account.

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