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Business portal-listing

Internet portals are created in order to attract unique users, for which a large number of different information is placed on the portal, which is often of an entertainment nature. For example, news events, financial reports, mailbox registration, forums, weather information, voting, game releases, libraries, various videos, pictures, chats, blogs, and so on.

When creating websites such as Internet portal, it is necessary to remember that it provides users with a variety of interactive services, the creation and development of which will directly affect the popularity of your resource. Directory websites can be extremely popular, and with good reason. They allow us to quickly find a restaurant, see all the movie theaters in our area, find a car mechanic or plumber or any other service provider, or attract one with just a few clicks.

In essence

a catalog site is a specific set of links divided into topics, categories, and areas of interest. They may cover a wide niche or even several different niches, such as tourist attractions in your city, or they may specialize in covering a very narrow focused niche, such as a list of all the auto repair shops in your area. You can even use them if you are in a specific business niche, such as real estate or car dealerships.

An Internet portal can include several separate created sites if they are combined under one domain name (a domain name is a necessary element of addressing in the Internet network, which allows us to identify your page as well as we find a house by its number and the street on which it is located).

The creation of expanded business portals-catalogs by AIW specialists according to all your wishes starts from 1300 USD.