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External optimization

What is external site optimization and how to conduct it — the two main questions that concern everyone who has decided to get their own platform. And it is worth noting that this is an extremely important process that greatly affects the indexing of the resource by search robots, and, as a result, the influx of potential customers. So, how to conduct external SEO optimization of the site?

What is external site optimization?

External site optimization is an increase in the external link mass of the site, which is necessary to increase its position in the search results. Roughly speaking, this process involves finding suitable donor sites and regularly posting content on them with links to the promoted resource. At the same time, the link builder (a specialist in external optimization) must also take into account the peculiarities of the distribution of the link weight between pages. In addition, the growth of the link mass should look organic: without sudden jumps, with various types of backlinks.
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How the optimization process is built:

The first thing that people get familiar with when thinking about external resource optimization is what such a process looks like. To begin with, we determine what the promotion tasks will be:

  • optimization for high-frequency queries;
  • optimization for low-frequency queries.
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Regardless of the tasks, the goal of external search engine optimization is only one-a natural increase in the flow of high-quality traffic to the site. Four stages of promotion will help speed up this process:

  • the first stage is to compile a list of thematic keywords and queries.
  • The semantic core of the site is created independently or with the help of specialists;
  • the created list of words should be evenly distributed across the resource, harmoniously and without spam;
  • the reference mass is increased, with the help of which the authority of the site is increased;
  • the reputation of the resource in the eyes of search robots increases.

The main thing in external optimization is the principle on which it is built. The ranking of the site and its output in the search bar is based on its popularity among other sites.

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